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Bizzy Beez Books is an independent publishing house dedicated to creating high-quality children's books that promote literacy and positive social-emotional growth. Our goal is to build a strong emotional connection to reading for young readers and establish a life-long love of learning with engaging content and data-driven analysis of what young readers need. 

Bizzy Beez is the brainchild of Vernae Bezear, Author, Teacher, Mentor, Literacy Coach, and Instructional Coach in the Bronx, NY. where she has worked professionally in education for almost 20 years. Vernae is an NYU Certified Reading Recovery Specialist and holds Master’s Degrees in Elementary Education and School Administration from Mercy College.

Vernae has poured her experience and genuine love of reading into her first book "GELLE BELLE AND THE MAGIC TOY CHEST" but that is just the beginning. Once opened the "MAGIC TOY CHEST" will introduce children to a world of characters and adventures they will want to read again and again. 

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